Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tomorrow's Just a Song Away

Life is no longer simple.

I can no longer not to my homework and still pass with flying colors.

I can no longer not clean my room and be happy with the clutter.

I can no longer just listen to Jason Mraz.

I know. I felt the world stop too. I'm sorry Mraz, but the time had to come. The stars knew it, the Earth knew it, my friends and acquaintances knew it. But you and I were oblivious, caught up in our immense love for each other.

No, no. You will not now, nor will you ever, fall from slot number one on my list of Favorite Artists. No no. You will not now, nor will you ever, cease to be the theme of my vehicle.

You just might have to share the room on my iPod.

Of late I've adopted a few new artists into my music library. I think I've subconsciously been rather feminist; my most recent additions being female and all.

Here is a list of those I've added, and those I've yet to add (but I eagerly await they day they join me):

My Favorite Highway
Ingrid Michaelson
Diane Birch
Dawn Mitschele
The Gibbons
Owl City
Matchbox Twenty
Jack Johnson
Two Spot Gobi
Thomas Fiss
Peter Cincotti*
Gin Blossoms
Deep Blue Something*
Frou Frou*
The Weepies*
Mikey Wax*
Newton Falkner*
Chester French*
Tyler Hilton**
A Fine Frenzy**

(Those with the * I have yet to purchase/fully listen to and enjoy. Those with the ** I just fell in love with prior to writing this blog, and will most likely purchase them first.)

As you can tell, times are indeed no longer simpler. The warbling of one to two artists can no longer suffice my crave and all-consuming need of excellent music. Now, to go about procuring these gems...

Dear Easter Bunny...

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