Monday, March 15, 2010

If that's not Love, then what is?

The thought came to me today, and it lead me here.

Who created love? Do we commend him for it?

I certainly would.

And by "love", I mostly mean the word. Who created it? Who gave it its meaning, who pumped it so full of power that it's said regularly, but sparsely enough to be special? Who made it so important and consuming that I hear it every time I turn on the radio?

Was he like me? Did he stew with every lull in his day and drift off on that feeling, so much so that he finally named it? Did he live every moment just for the next? How full was his heart and his spirit? How much did he yearn for that person? Why did he yearn for that person? Could he even explain it? Is that love?

Who created love?

And when can I shake his hand? Because I, for lack of a better word, love his work.

And I'd love to have more of it.

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