Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If We Were a Movie...

If my life was a movie, or a novel, or any form of pre-scripted happening, this is what would have happened:

-I would have gotten into any show at Rodger's I auditioned for (not saying all of them at all, but at least one).

-I would have never had to buy a shirt larger than a medium.

-I wouldn't have been late for school approximately 24 times this term.

-I would have gotten rid of front bangs five years sooner than I actually did.

-I'd fall "in love" with someone who was actually interested back, instead of someone who was 1) oblivious, 2) a flirtatious player with no heart, 3) just another potential "guy friend".

-I'd have the talent to compose music to go with my lyrics.

-That "D" would have never appeared on 9th grade's report card. Nor the "C" or "C+" from third term...

-My car battery wouldn't have died today.

-I would have never scraped my leg up falling off my scooter.

-I'd probably have a boyfriend by now.

-I wouldn't be utterly disturbed by the simple subject of human anatomy.

-I'd be able to write more than three chapters on any of my various book ideas...

And I think that's why I want to write. Because I can make these things and more happen, or not happen. If I write, I hold the pen, the plot, and the outcome of the story. I can bend everything every which way and make life a thousand times simpler.

I really could.

Though, looking back over my list (which would go on and on and on...) I see that my definition of having a life like a movie is having a life that's perfect. Which, of course, isn't so. Anyone who's seen What's Eating Gilbert Grape or Titanic would know that.

Then again, Titanic is based on a true story. So, in a sense, those lives were in fact a movie...

I guess I'm just expecting the celestial playwrights of my life to look down upon me and say, "Alright, Erica. I think it's about time you get something you've been waiting for. Here. Have a boyfriend."

They can give me something else too, but at present moment I'm leaning toward boyfriend. But, as Liz Phair sang to me today over the fuzzy radio at work:

"Isn't this the best part of waking up-Finding someone else you can't get enough of? Someone who wants to be with you too."
-Why Can't I, Liz Phair

I suppose my celestial playwrights just haven't allowed me to cross paths with that person that "wants to be with [me] too." I've found people I want to be with, but I guess love has to be a mutual agreement.

Let the sun set. And let's start another day alone.

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  1. I would ask if I may be allowed to quote you sometime, but that would end up me copy and pasting your entire blog. You, my friend, have a way with words. Even if I don't really relate to something it speaks to me. Sometimes inspires me to think about something in a different way, and sometimes these words hit me in the heart and start screaming at me. I love it. I love you. Mosquito.