Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time is of the Essence. And the "Essence" is distracted.

I hate the internet.

No, let me rephrase: I hate how the internet is like some invisible beast that I just don't understand, and once I'm positive I have it figured out, it smiles with it's pointy teeth and does something completely opposite.

I'm mostly feeling this way because I just attempted to download Voi Che Sapete by Mozart for a vocal lesson tomorrow, and I had to pay six bucks via debit. Not to bad, eh? Well I find it bad when my computer won't allow me to open said file, and I feel like I've just wasted six smackers...

But I'll try again tomorrow on a different computer, and should that not work, I guess I'll be down twelve bucks...

Now, moving on.

I also hate the internet because there's so much out there, but so little ways to access it. Perhaps it's just because I'm naive, but I feel if Google doesn't have it in the first three links, it doesn't exist. I'm not skilled enough to hack or find what I'm looking for (which is a pain when this History review is just too cumbersome...). I don't want to cheat or plagerize, don't get me wrong(You'd know if it was my work or not anyhow, what with my crappy spelling antics.). I just... Am lazy? Is that the proper term?

I have to laugh at myself. I get sooo... Distracted. For example I had ALL afternoon today to do a heafty mound of things, here I am, eight to nine hours later, and what's done? About 1/20th of that.

And here I am writing a blog....


My life is going down the toliet, just FYI. One day you'll look out that bus window and see a rather attractive young girl with dirt smuges on her face, selling Picniked photos she printed at the library for 10 cents a pop.

That'll be me.

Please be courteous and by some.

10 cents can get me at least 10 penny candy's from ACE Hardware.

If not a handful of used ciggarette butts.

(I won't be smoking them. I'll use them as kinder for my winter fire.)

"A-la-la-la-la la la la Life is wonderful...." -Life is Wonderful, Jason Mraz

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