Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big on Bifu

Yesterday I had the pleasure of viewing Percy Jackson and the Olympians in theatres. I was unable to fully enjoy this movie once I noticed the all too familiar trend to be found in the characters.

It all started (for my knowledge) when Anabeth spoke to Percy:

"I deffinately have strong feelings for you. I just don't know if they're positive or negative yet." She said (or something along these lines).

"Well," Percy responded, "you let me know when you figure that out."

And that's when my interest became detatched.

You see, in real life, I don't spot people like that.

Next to never, anyway.

Why is it that nearly all novels have characters like that? Some, in this case, as the main characters even? I truly do not understand. There are so many different types of people in this world, a good author would go out of the norm and pick different characteristics, wouldn't you think?

I then proceeded to watch the movie. The plot unravled and true motives were revealed, Persephone was a black woman, and the gateway to Mt. Olympus was on the Empire State Building. And then Percy returned to "camp" where he spoke with his centaur teacher/friend, who said,

"You left camp. You dissobeyed my orders." Percy looked dishearted. The centaur went on to say that he was proud, because you can be trained and trained, but in the end it all comes down to following your instincts, as Percy did.

And I was slapped in the face with deja vu.

Why hello reincarnated Dumbledore. Have you met knock-off Harry?

Lately I've been acting very... big headed? Pompus? I'm not sure of a word that fits other than bifu. For those of you who don't know bifu (pronounced biff-uh), let me sum it up.

A bifu attitude is simply being aware of how awesome you truly are. Positive bifu is, in fact, being aware of how awesome you truly are. And talking about it. A lot.

Negative bifu is being a downer who is moody and not awesome. That's all there is to it.

Lately I've been acting very bifu. As a funny joke, not for serious. At first.

I've found "acting" bifu and "being" bifu are separated by a very thin line. This line, I discovered today, has been smudged into nothingness. All the while I've been blissfully sure I was "acting", when in all actuality (according to my calculations) have been "being" bifu for over two weeks now.

I've even begun to dress more bifu. Gone are my rag-tag teeshirts and ghetto sneakers. Here are my low-cut V's with the white cami underneath and my red and black high tops. I've started fixing my makeup and hair regularly, I get near disgusted when my pants don't hug me just right...


I believe that's a synonym to bifu.

It doesn't help dear old Lizz had me do a photo shoot yesterday in which I was the model, the focus of attention, the hot one.

If you ever want to truly become bifu, try doing that for three hours. Try making the world all about you for three hours.

Perhaps that's why I'm late for school everyday. The world revolves around me! I won't be late for school because, heck, it's me! School can't start without me!

So all in all, it's interesting to me to have taken notice of my own character changing so much. I used to look out at my peers and I could say easily with whom I fit, and why I fit there. Now it feels like that line between who I was and the land of Bifu has dissintegrated, and here I am in my own bifu world.

Will I ever get out? Will I ever escape the grip of bifu?

Will I ever truly want to?

"I'm a leader,/ I'm a winner,/ and I'm cleaner/
'Because I'm awesome.
I don't need you/ 'cuz I'm neat-o./ And I beat you/
'Cuz I'm awesome."
-Because I'm Awesome, the Dollyrots

Maybe I turned bifu when this became my theme song...

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