Friday, February 25, 2011

Ms. Heather and Mr. Grey

I would have forgotten it if there hadn't been reason to remember. I'd been on the Sky Ride a thousand times--and no. The Sky Ride is not the ride where they strap you to two other people and drop you from unimaginable heights. The Sky Ride is the soft, simple, exhilarating ride that carries you across the park. It was my favorite. I rode it the first time at age eight, and again and again each time I visited the park. No one I knew enjoyed it, but I could ride it all day--especially at night. Lagoon is so lovely at night, viewed above the trees. But so many of the same ride have turned into so many blurred memories, and I would have forgotten it if there hadn't been reason to remember. But there was. It was the declining portion of day--possibly between three and five. The sky seemed more grey; rain perhaps? Or does my memory simply distort in order to foreshadow? I don't even remember who I was riding with, just that I was riding; and I wasn't alone. And then came the decent, and as the ride began to decline towards the ground my seat crossed paths with another heading the opposite way. It was a teen aged boy in a yellow and white stripped polo, riding with someone who had to be his father. And he looked at me. And I've never since known the thrill of love and fear at the same time, because love and fear can only exist in harmony when you're looking in the eyes of another. And his eyes are electric grey.

(Prose Poem--Creative Writing)

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