Thursday, February 24, 2011

But it takes you years to know what Love is.

To the Cosmos and Stars and Milkyway:
I'm sorry to inform you my Love has changed.
No, not the person, not his core or inside,
But my own perception has somehow... died.
But not such a drastic death--oh no--
To make me turn downcast with baggy clothes;
But just dead enough to be given new birth,
Just dead enough to provide mild worth.

I see that love is my own sad failure;
But it's just my actions of which you should care.
I kept quite aloof, I kept quite composed,
I should have known the uncouth are disposed.
I have tried my best, but look at me now!
Alone, a mess, a heartless scowl.
Infatuation's not Love; Love is much deeper
And needs to fly free like a Quidditch Seeker.

But alas, see the Cages the Cosmos have laid?
Alas, see the Bars the Stars have now made?
Alas, see the dull of the Milkyway;
Love is not here, Love is miles away.
And I am no traveler fit for the road,
I believe beauty is diamonds of gold.
Pathetic, sad fool, I've come now to see
That Love is most tethering when it is free.

(Love Poem--Creative Writing)

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  1. oh my this was beautiful. it had such an elegant old sound to it but then you still could say things like quidditch seeker. i Love it! bravo