Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Dreamed a Dream

First off, I apologize. I've been forced to write a narrative poem about a dream, and I really am a narrative prose person, so gag your way through this and forget it exists.

I Dreamed a Dream
There was a faded light,
like the sun was rising,
but perhaps it was a nightlight.
I sat up on the couch
from the mid-70's,
the room a rusty orange,
wondering where I could be-
but I knew without knowing
it was my grandmother's home;
so I swung my legs off the couch.

I rounded the corner, the light
still quite dim, and to my
surprise found a man.
I knew him before knowing
I was being dragged off,
and I quivered with terror in
the van. Was it a van? Was it
a truck? My cousin soon joined
me on the seat up front.

The long ride to Cali was done
in a blink, the street name
Unicorn something. I felt excited
horror as we stopped at a home
with a crater in the wall
as a door. My phone charger was
missing, and I just wanted to call home,
though why I'll never be sure.

It was he who kidnapped me, the
man of my legends. The singer, the
angel, my organic soul's companion:
Jason. Jason Mraz.

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