Friday, November 16, 2012

A Humble Request

Dear three readers:

I have penned my favorite thing in the past six months. Six months of near constant striving to pen something, mind you. And it finally happened. I have finally produced something exceptional.

 I've entered it in a contest at, which is why I didn't just post the story itself, but rather this introduction.

I want to win this contest. 

This work, juxtaposed with all my works of late, is my most bestest creation. If anything I've penned deserves to earn me a chance at $5,000 dollars, this piece is it.

But I need help. Nominees are vote-based, so if you would not mind...

This is the story. Be my best friend. Click this link.

Read Winter Hands. Heart Winter Hands. Request your friends to do the same. And as a sign of gratitude, when all the voting is over, I will post the 600 word version to this blog. That's 100 extra words I had to splice out of my favorite piece for it to qualify for the contest.

I'm dedicated to this. Please help me.

May the odds be ever in my favor.

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